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"China Wind" in Oil Paintings Industry

A few years ago TV drama whipped up a "Japanese and Korean style" clothing apparel industry whipped up a "European style", now in the oil industry as the sudden emergence of a Chinese painting strength, but also set off a burst of "Chinese style." Painting is a culture, an art, a carrier, the Exotic Art, has been in China, under the artist's interpretation, showing a different artistic style. We can now upscale elegant hotel, in the fresh warm home, in the full meaning and so many places to see gallery painting the figure, oil paintings for us to show a different world of art.

Painting introduced to China late in the efforts of several generations of artists has been considerable development, Chinese painting has undergone learn from the past to today's converged imitation innovation, the spirit of the East into the West manifestations blend in subject matter, aesthetic taste, presentation, etc. has been localized. OKPainting.com many fine Chinese paintings, there are majestic, imposing landscape painting, there are quite similar shape, Vivid figure painting, there is fresh and elegant, rich still life painting, etc., Xiaobian to showcase two of which works, let us feel the charm of Chinese painting.


Is the so-called Art comes from life, different countries have different national customs and living conditions, Chinese characters paintings mostly depict objects typical Chinese people, from people's appearance, clothing, etc., to show the unique oriental charm. Diagram shows the painting figure painting "Peony" was created by artist Yang Aiguo, collected OKPainting.com, work is full of graceful feminine and delicate, revealing a picturesque atmosphere, woman body painting the classical dress, holding a fan, elegant and dignified sat the woman's unique temperament and charm performance of the head, with rich oriental style.


China has a long history, rich cultural heritage, which also provides a steady stream of oil painting material, opera is a unique Chinese characteristics, a stage art, drama large variety of characters has its own specific spectral type and color, in order to highlight the character's personality traits, the figure shows the painting from the Bo Baby Jane mall painting "Looking back," the artist Tang Chunyan the Chinese opera elements combined with Western oil painting, colorful, unique character modeling, painting rich colors and colorful masks complement each other, the beauty of the woman looking back at the most vividly demonstrated, works with Chinese characteristics, artistic expression, art highly ornamental. (Bo Po arts commentator Sun Ruifeng author)

【Comments】 According to the experts' comments from OKPainting.com , oil painting collection has been a popular collectors, many people in Western countries have a large collection of oil paintings, Chinese paintings alone Chinese characteristics, Chinese and Western combined, together, show the Chinese oil painters virtuosity, Chinese painting collection and will certainly continue to heat up in the world oil fields, blooming unique brilliance.