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How to Order

 How to Order

To make an order with DafenVillageOnline.com, simply navigate through our directory style listings to find the painting of your choice, or alternatively you can use the Search function found on the left and top of each page on the site. 

You are able to add your favorite product to your cart from our product display page, by click on the paintings you like you can enter into the painting details page, you will be able to see all the details regarding the painting of your interested (size, price) . Please select your desired size, and click on the " Add to my cart " button to add this item to your order cart . 

If you want to order a custom painting with particular size or commission a portrait with us , please enter into the page “ CUSTOM ART ”, fill out the required sheet in this page and upload your image, you custom order will be added to your cart. 

Every time you add a product to your order cart you can opt if you wish to check out or if you wish to continue shopping. selecting your favorite product(s) in your cart , you can submit the order to pay online through PayPal, which is a popular and security online 3rd party payment processor. 

Follow the check out steps and within a few minutes your order will be completed.

We will update your order status after the payment confirmed .Normally, we update all our orders every 24 hours. 

You will be able to track your order status such as Pending , Payment confirmed, Processing, Finished , Courier(China Post,DHL etc.) Tracking No. online in your account .

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