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Morton Livingston Schamberg

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Morton Livingston Schamberg

Morton Livingston Schamberg The Machine, 1916 The career of Morton Livingson Schamberg (1881-1918) was cut tragically short at the age of thirty-seven in 1918 when he fell victim to the international flu pandemic that swept the world that year. He had been born in Philadelphia, and earned an architecture degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1903. But by the time he had graduated he realized that he preferred painting and drawing to designing buildings. After pursuing summer classes with William Merritt Chase (1902-1903), he enrolled in the Academy (1903-1906). One of his fellow students, Charles Sheeler, became one of his closest friends, and the pair traveled to Europe together. They also shared a studio, and spent weekends in Sheeler’s Doylestown home. His second trip to Paris (1908-09) was pivotal, and his encounter with the work of Cézanne, Matisse, and Picasso changed the direction of his work. In 1910, he had his first one-man show, and several of his pieces were included in the Armory Show. His work, which developed rapidly, shows a range of influences, including Fauvism, Cubism, Synchromism, and Dada.

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